James Egerton’s Teens

These advanced 16-18 year old students rewrote various parts of their coursebook, and when these lessons come around, I will have them polish them (type up and print out etc) and teach their peers the lesson. You only really know something when you know it well enough to teach it to someone else.
When discussing why it was important to acknowledge that other people exist in society, the best quote came from Reinaldo:
“Coursebooks are an instrument of culture…You can educate someone into an open mind be showing them the differences that exist in real life.”
P.S. Important to add in inclusive ideas daily, without the need for a whole lesson dedicated to it.
Example – I told Mathilda, 8, that although all the parents in her coursebook were heterosexual couples, some people have two fathers, two mothers, or no parents at all. She stared at me sharply, as if I was lying, but then accepted this fact.
Here are a few shots from James’s students’ materials and planning stage.
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