James Egerton’s 12 and 14 yos

Here is James’s story of his first experience with The Unpublished.

On behalf of my learners, thank you Giovanni for the great idea and giving them the opportunity to see beyond what is prescribed as society’s status quo by coursebooks.

These intermediate 12-14 year old students rewrote various parts of their coursebook (attached), and one made questions on this video :
When discussing why it was important to acknowledge that other people exist in society, the best quote came from Elena:
“if you can’t accept someone different from you in a book, how can you accept them in real life?” Here are a few pictures from the materials they produced.
je 1a
je1bje 1cje 1d
Visit James’s blog for inspiration and reflection on ELT and much more:  https://jamesegerton.wordpress.com/

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