Matthew’s CAE Prep Class- IH Reggio Calabria

Now, this is a really interesting one for those of you who have exam preparation classes. Matthew started with the suggested plan but then used it to focus on the Writing Paper for CAE.

Here is what he had to say about it:

I followed the structure of the lesson about half way, then adapted it so that it had more relevance for the CAE teens I’m teaching.They had to create their own CAE-style essay based on the coursebook analysis and discussion. Then they gave out their essays to other students in order to write for homework”. 

Not only does this sound like a fun, purposeful and cognitively engaging lesson for your teens but it also seems to be a great opportunity for them to create exam-like materials. And we all know that practice makes perfect.

Here are four screenshots of their essay questions.

MAtt CAE 3Matt CAE 4Matt CAE 2Matt CAE 1

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